Good News Stories

Emily’s Passion Inspires Her Journey

Uploaded: 30/08/2023
Emily's story is a testament to the transformative power of the Disability Employment Services program. When she joined our program, she faced uncertainty about her career path and struggled with social anxiety that made it challenging to attend group sessions like our Empower Program where participants are assisted to get job ready with confidence building and self-awareness activities. Additionally, transportation became a hurdle as she divided her time between living with her Mum in Wembley and her Brother in Clarkson. Recognising her unique needs, the Disability Employment Services team were committed to providing personalised support on her journey.

During Emily's Resume appointment, Sue, her dedicated Employment Consultant, engaged in a heartfelt conversation about her passions and dreams. It was during this discussion that Emily shared her most cherished childhood memory—volunteering alongside her uncle, assisting children with disabilities in horse riding activities. Determined to reignite Emily's joy, Sue embarked on a quest to find an opportunity aligned with her passion.

After reaching out to various local riding schools, our search led us to the enchanting Wanneroo Riding Centre, nestled on 900 acres of picturesque land, just a short distance from Clarkson. Accompanied by Sue, Emily visited the centre, engaging in a mindfulness session to overcome her anxiety. It was here that she encountered Lisa, a compassionate individual who shared Emily's enthusiasm for making a difference.

Moved by Emily's dedication and potential, Lisa extended an invitation for her to volunteer at the centre, providing the flexibility needed to accommodate her preferences and comfort level. The possibility of future paid employment became an additional motivating factor for Emily, solidifying her commitment to the role.

Since that life-changing encounter, Emily has devoted over 20 hours to volunteering at Wanneroo Riding Centre. Immersed in her passion for horse riding and assisting children with disabilities, she has become a beacon of warmth and positivity. Witnessing her remarkable growth and the impact she has made, the centre has already recognised her dedication by offering her a paid shift.

Beyond personal growth, the Wanneroo Riding Centre fosters inclusivity and provides opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities. Their commitment extends to encouraging those with intellectual disabilities to gain work experience through volunteer tasks like mending fences and clearing rubbish, all under proper supervision.

Emily's journey exemplifies the essence of the Disability Employment Services program, which revolves around tailored support and nurturing personal strengths. At Status, we take immense pride in playing a role in helping Emily uncover her passion and take her first steps towards a fulfilling career.

Emily's inspiring story ignites a spark within all of us, encouraging us to explore our passions and overcome obstacles. Through the Disability Employment Services program, we are dedicated to empowering individuals like Emily to discover their true calling, offering personalised support every step of the way. We celebrate Emily's achievements and encourage others with disabilities or injuries that make it difficult to find work to reach out and explore the opportunities available through the Disability Employment Services program.

To learn more about how we can assist you on your journey and find your nearest Disability Employment Services office, please visit Let us unlock the potential within you and unleash the power of passion.

Michelle's* Journey Towards Independence

Uploaded: 14/06/2023
If someone had told me 7 years ago that I would be where I am today, I would have said "how!"

Michelle's* journey towards independence and self-sufficiency was far from easy. As a person with a disability, Michelle faced a multitude of barriers and challenges that made it difficult for her to find meaningful employment. That was until she discovered our Disability Employment Services program at Status Mirrabooka.

With the help of Site Manager Mowie and Employment Consultants Jo and Vivian, Michelle received the unwavering care and support she needed to succeed. As Michelle wrote in a letter sent to the Mirrabooka team, "victim to survivor can only be in the space of trust and knowing someone has your back."

Our team at Status Mirrabooka provided Michelle with a person-centred approach to support, which allowed her to study and work part-time in the industry with check-ins, updates, and guidance. Even when Michelle faced adversity and difficult work environments, she knew that she could turn to our team for help. With our support, she learned from her experiences and gained the confidence to apply for new job opportunities. Vivian, her current support worker, was there every step of the way, offering her a fuel voucher when she didn't have spare money for fuel to drive to her interview.

Now working 4 days a week while undertaking the study needed to reach her career goals Michelle has a goal to apply for a level 4 position in her organization when she is 75% finished with her studies, and she is confident that she can achieve it.

Michelle's story is a testament to the incredible impact that Status Disability Employment Services can have on people with disabilities who are looking for work. If you or someone you know are living with a disability or health condition that is impacting your ability to look for work contact your local Status office and check your eligibility for Disability Employment Services.

*name changed for privacy

Matthew Has Finally Found The Right Job!

Uploaded: 21/11/2022
After four years of hard work Matthew has finally found a role and employer that is right for him!

A former regular in the Status offices Matthew has worked hard to overcome the chronic anxiety and pain that impacted his ability to find employment. Matthew attended regular appointments with his Employment Consultant as well as countless job club sessions and upskilling programs to prepare for his return to employment, and when Industry Specialist Consultant Rudy introduced him to his new employer Direct Truss & Timber he knew this was the right place to get back into the workforce.

Through our regular Post Placement Support appointments we have been able support Matthew over the last 5 months as he settled back into the workforce, assisting him to purchase necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and providing guidance to help with the transition. We look forward to continuing to work with Matthew through our Ongoing Support program, and observe him continue along his journey to gain financial stability for himself and others.

If you, or someone you know, are living with a disability or medical condition that impacts your ability to find work check your eligibility for Status Disability Employment Services at