Work Assist

Are you experiencing challenges fulfilling the essential requirements of your employment due to injury, disability or health condition? Under the Government’s Work Assist program Status can provide support to eligible individuals and their employers to maintain employment.

What support am I able to receive?

Our support is tailored to each participant and can include;

  • Personalised counselling and guidance
  • One-on-one support to work through issues and ensure that employment is maintained
  • Access to the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) where it is identified that workplace modifications or upskilling may be required
  • On-the-job support if required
  • Assistance to liaise between you and your employer to ensure that the role is suitable and where necessary tailor the work role to suit
  • Assistance to connect with health providers and other services to assist employees to manage your injury, health condition or disability

Support can also be provided to you without your employer’s knowledge.

In the past we have been able to assist participants to;

  • Access EAF funding to purchase ergonomic equipment such as desks and chairs to assist in managing pain related to injury, disability or health condition
  • Managed referrals to an internal Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Transition Consultant to assist with managing mental health conditions such as depression and borderline personality disorder
  • Debriefed and rationalised participants thoughts on workplace and life stressors
  • Managed referrals and advocated for clients with external agencies such as Housing SA, drug and alcohol support groups and Psychiatrist clinics
  • Exercising with a participant whose GP recommended they become fitter to avoid exacerbation of health conditions

Am I eligible for Work Assist?

To be eligible for the Work Assist program you must;

  • Have worked, or will be expected to work, an average of 8 hours per week over 13 weeks
  • Be having difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of your role due to a diagnosed injury, disability or health condition (medical evidence or confirmation is required; Status can assist in this process)
  • Not be currently serviced by another Employment Services provider

You do not need to be receiving a Government support payment to be eligible for the Work Assist program.

For a confidential discussion contact your local Status office and ask to speak with the Disability Employment Services (DES) team.